Left to Right: Dr. Jean MacFadyen, Prof. James Portwood and Dr. Cheryl Portwood

Drexel Faculty Visit St. Francis

Faculty from the College of Nursing and Health Professions of Drexel University Philadelphia USA, paid a week-long official working visit to St. Francis Advanced...Read More

Maboh and Leke during FAIMER poster day 2012

SFASHS nominees become first FAIMER fellows in CEMAC zone

Nominees from St. Francis Advanced School of Health Sciences became the first fellows from the Central African Sub-region to be accepted by the FAIMER...Read More

Dr. Frances Cornelius Offers Drexel Souvenirs to the Visiting Mr. Maboh M. Nkwati


St. Francis has always sought to continuously improve the quality of its services and contribute to the advancement of health professions education globally. One...Read More



June 16th to 20thwill forever be a memorable moment in life of the ST. Veronica Medical Complex a.k.a BIAKA in general and the ST....Read More

The St. Francis Advanced School of Health Sciences

2015/2016 Matriculation Ceremony

A total of 802 students took the Matriculation Oath for the 2015/2016 academic year held on the 6th of November 2015 from the three...Read More

Welcome to St. Veronica Health Complex!


Mrs. Francisca Biaka, Administrator

Currently situated on the gentle slopes of Mt. Cameroon with a lush and beautiful campus, our centre was founded in 1982 by Dr Lawrence F. Tonye Biaka (Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist) with the objective of providing health care services to fellow Cameroonians. It started as a small surgery, then grew to the St. Veronica Polyclinic that provided obstetrical/gynaecological, paediatric and general medical services. With further reflection motivated by his desire to impact the health of Cameroonians in a much broader way, Dr. Biaka expanded into education of nurses in 1998.  Today, the centre boasts of the St. Veronica Polyclinic; the St. Francis School of Nursing and Midwifery; the St. Francis Higher Institute of Nursing and Midwifery and the St. Francis Advanced School of Health Sciences. These schools together provide high quality education for nurses, midwives, medical laboratory scientists, medical secretaries, geriatric nurses, medical sales representatives, just to cite a few. We have become the leading provider of health professions education in Cameroon (with accreditation from all the relevant ministries i.e. Higher Education, Public Health and Employment and Vocational Training) and are still expanding.

The complex is managed by a team of competent professionals with Dr. Biaka as Founder/Medical Director at the top and assisted by the Administrator in the person of my humble self. Our schools each have separate administrative heads who independently answer directly to the Administrator and the Founder. However, the complex operates like your typical university with different schools but sharing common resources including human and material. We are working with some of the best and brightest minds in health professions education and practice both nationally and internationally to continue to ensure that we have a people healthy in mind, body and spirit; and consequently a healthy nation.

I warmly welcome you to SVMC  and here we welcome comments and feedback in good faith!


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